Going Green: Does conservation make sense without a creator?

Speaker: Xandra Carroll

Posted: July 22 2020

In this podcast episode, Xandra Carroll talks about the differences between the two viewpoints of naturalism and theism and how these viewpoints approach environmental conservation. We will see how God created us to be stewards of His land.  As theists, we should take care of the land and His creation, out of respect for our Creator. 

Earth Keepers

Speaker: Iain Provan
Regent College

Posted: July 7 2020

In this first episode on sustainability, “Earth Keepers”, Iain Provan dives into the meaning of living as a brother’s keeper and how this attitude translates to our work as stewards of the Earth.

Wrestling With the Topic of Hell

Speaker: Shawn Hart
Posted: June 10 2020

This is the third and final episode in a series on suffering, by Shawn Hart titled "Wrestling With the Topic of Hell."

How To Worship in Anguish and Expectation

Speaker: Arran Baird
Paclife Worship
Posted: May 27 2020

This is the second episode in a series on suffering, by Arran Baird from Paclife worship titled "How to Worship in Anguish and Expectation."

Responding to the Problems of Evil and Suffering

Speaker: Alanzo Paul
Posted: May 13 2020

Our first series of podcasts are on the topic of suffering, something experienced by all people. To preface the main topic, Clayton and Jon briefly discuss more about Comagape, and some of the questions heard regularly on UBC Campus.

United in Faith

Speaker: Andy Steiger
2020 Opening Keynote
Posted: April 24 2020

Welcome to the first Comagape Podcast! Over the next few  months we will be posting sessions recorded at our Comagape Christian Conference - we are so excited to share these with you. To kick off the podcast, Clayton and Brielle discuss what the conference is all about and how it started. Then we will dive into the opening keynote by Andy Steiger titled  “United in Faith”.