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Opening Keynote

March 5th

What Am I Here For?

JB Lim - Thrive Church

In this keynote message, Pastor JB Lim takes you on a guided tour of what it means to be human from a Biblical perspective. Discover clues that point to God’s purpose for your life in this Scripture-based exploration of one of humanity’s most enduring questions: what am I here for?

Conference Speakers

March 5th

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Understanding Grief In Loss And Courage In Death

Ross Hastings - Regent College

How can we understand our grief, experience it, and adapt to it? Losses of all kinds in our lives bring broken hearts: loss when we break up with someone we love; loss when our parents get divorced; loss of a pet; loss of a job or career opportunity, loss especially when a loved one dies. This workshop also offers guidance in how we face our own death. For grief when we lose others, and fear when we face death ourselves, this workshop will especially help us find comfort in the presence and sympathy of the triune God who suffers with us. It will guide us in particular to his Son, the Man of Sorrows who endured the cross, and who is acquainted with our grief and will ultimately resolve it. Five themes present in Psalm 16 will help us find a growing, defiant hope in the face of loss.  

The Psychology And Theology Of Mental Health

Amy Deutscher - Sanctuary Mental Health

As Christians, how do we love another well when people in our community are facing mental health challenges and we have our own mental health to consider? “Love another” is a phrase we read over and over in the New Testament but if you look up “mental health” - nothing shows up.  You have probably heard a number of “Christian” ways to engage with mental health - “don’t feel anxious about anything but pray about everything,” “all you need is Jesus,” and “in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others."

All of these things, when applied directly to loving one another and caring for our own mental health, can be problematic. I want to affirm that God cares about your mental health and that as we love another, we don’t need to throw our Bibles aside–there is space for both psychology and theology.

Growing Up Christian...Do I Really Believe What I Believe In?

JB Lim - Thrive Church

Have you ever questioned whether you really believe what you’re “supposed” to be believe as a Christian, or as someone who grew up in the church? What do you do when your questions and doubts seem to outweigh your faith in God and in the traditional tenets of Christianity? How do you go from knowing what you’re “supposed” to believe as a Christian to owning it personally? In this workshop, be encouraged in your own faith journey as Pastor J.B. Lim shares about his own personal struggles with doubt and faith.

God's Invitation To Care For Creation

Whitney Buckner - Arocha

Is caring for the environment part of being a follower of Jesus? With the rising pressure of climate change and rapidly increasing loss of biodiversity our world is at a watershed moment, and it is easy to become paralyzed and overwhelmed by fear. In addition, it is often difficult to discern how faith in Christ informs daily life on a suffering planet. This workshop will explore the robust Biblical call for Christians to participate in God's work of caring for His world and will delve into themes of hope, wonder, gift, and human vocation. The call to care for the environment is not separate from the Gospel, but an integral part of it.

Prayer: A Conversation And Encounter With God

Fari Maghami - Coastal Church

How does our culture impact our view on prayer? In a culture where we are work and performance driven, many view prayer as a waste of time and/or as superstitious and irrational. However, as Christians we view prayer as the most practical, real, and powerful activity that we can practice solitary and corporately. The Bible presents prayer as an intimate way to commune with God – a weapon to overcome temptation and anxiety. It is in fact a means to which we can receive supernatural help and accomplish what is humanly impossible.

Get Out Of The Boat: Responding To His Call

Sam Dick - Multiply

If Jesus called you to walk on water, would you go?
Jesus is looking for followers, not spectators. He is on a mission to save the entire world and he is looking for people to join him. He always equips his followers ‘on the way’ with increasingly challenging assignments. If you’re feeling stuck, this workshop is for you. Maybe you don’t quite feel like a follower of Jesus yet. Or perhaps you have joined Jesus, you are learning a lot, but you often wonder if there is more. Sometimes it takes a little courage to step up and contribute your unique abilities and dreams to Jesus’ family of world changers. Perhaps it’s time to get out of the boat and try walking on water.

Be Known

Ivy Clark - Anam Cara Ministries, US

Why Jesus' fastening question, "But what about you? Who do you say I am?", matters in finding our own identity? Bring your thirst and curiosity and join me in grappling with the sacredness of being known as the way to unveil our true identity.

Missions Week Speakers

March 8&9

Uniquely You: Identity Found In Obscurity - Mar 8th, 2022

Troy Lydiate - Apologetics Canada

We are looking for meaning, purpose and value. We've often been trained to look for those things in the obvious locations. Job, Career, Talents, Abilities. But what would happen if we acknowledged that a major part of our identity is found when and where nobody is looking. Join Troy Lydiate in a conversation around finding our identity in the unlikely and unsuspecting places.

Rights Of Conscience: Balancing Our Freedom And Responsibility - Mar 9th, 2022

Andy Steiger - Apologetics Canada

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of conscience as a fundamental right for everyone within Canada’s borders. Though often overshadowed by freedom of religion, it could be argued that freedom of conscience is even more foundational. While it’s easy to affirm the importance of this freedom, recent events, such as the pandemic, have demonstrated the challenges of implementing it consistently. In this talk, Dr. Andy Steiger, President of Apologetics Canada, shares his thoughts on what the right of conscience entails and how we might navigate this right when duties collide.

Mar 5th