Sponsors 2020


University Christian Ministries

UCM is an on-campus Christian ministry focused on helping students encounter Jesus in their university life and empower them toward God’s calling in their lives. Their mission is to make, mature, and mobilize Christ followers who will do the same with their peers. UCM has communities across college campuses across British Columbia. UCM at UBC is a community reflective of UCM organization’s values to be a hospitable community striving to live in worship. Comagape is so grateful for the UCM at UBC community, as its student leaders have been a large part of kickstarting this conference. We are also extremely blessed by the support that UCM has given us and are excited to watch God work in university students’ lives alongside them.


Westside Church

Westside Church is a church based in the heart of downtown Vancouver centred on making Jesus known. Their focus on making disciples of Jesus can be seen in their commitment to teaching the bible, ministries focused on different stages and walks of life, community emphasis, and opportunities for evangelism. Westside Church believes that making Jesus known is an all-inclusive and wide ranged mission and that knowing Jesus is a lifelong journey. Westside also hosts courses such as Alpha, open to the city, to help others ask questions about faith. Comagape is encouraged by the faith and work of Westside Church as we share this desire to make Jesus known. We are so thankful for the support from Westside in the early stages of our conference and are honoured to partner with them.